Faculty and Staff

Dr. Faye Felton, Principal

Mr. Dennis Chalk, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Theus, Office Secretary

Ms. Twyman, Office Clerk

‚ÄčNurse:  Mrs. Gardiner

Kindergarten:    Ms.McInnis,Ms. Green,  Mrs. Hill,  Mrs. Wilkins

First Grade:     Mrs. Cahoon, Ms. D. Anderson,  Ms.Perry,   Mrs. Roberts-Brown

Second Grade:   Ms. Marlou-Jones,  Ms. Robertson, Mrs. Shareef,  Ms. Thompson
hird Grade:    Mrs. DeCastillia, Mr. Hopson, Ms. Lewis, Mrs. Rawls

Fourth Grade:   Mr. Price,Mrs. Williams,  Mrs. Williams-White

Fifth Grade:     Ms. Askew, Ms. Gallop, Ms. Honore'

Sixth Grade:     Mrs. Blackwell,  Mr. Howell, Ms. McCoy, Ms. Arnold

Intervention Specialist:  Mrs. Carey

Resource Teacher: Mrs. Walton

Library:   Mrs. Guill

Paraprofessionals: Mrs. Caffey,  Mrs. Melton, Ms. Young, Mrs. Outland

Special Education:   Ms. Billings, Mr. Cobbins, Ms. Palmer

 Special Ed. Paraprofessionals: Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Carey, Mrs. Randle

Speech Pathologists:  Mrs. Artis

Math Resource:   Mr. De' Braux

Guidance:   Ms. Harris

P.E.   Mr. Parker

Art:   Ms. 

Music:   Mrs. Packard

English as a Second Language:  Ms. Burt  

Gifted and Talented:    Ms. Christian

Technology:   Mr. McKee, Technology Resource Teacher (TRT) and Mr. Whitted,  Technology Support Staff (TSS) 

Custodial:   Ms. Barnes  (Chief),  Mrs. Everette, Ms. Elliott, Mr. Halsey

Cafeteria:    Ms. Hines(Manager), Ms. Grant, Mrs. Nixon, Mrs. Parker

Cafeteria Monitor:  Ms. Freeman

Title I Parent Liaison:  Mrs. Johnson

Security Officer:  Mr. Reid